HHPF Overview

Welcome to the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation!

The Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation (HHPF) is a professional medical society and service learning organization dedicated to the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain using prolotherapy, a regenerative, integrative, medical approach.

We are dedicated to being the premier teaching organization for prolotherapy. Founded in 1969, we partner with the University of Wisconsin in our programs, and bring together the most respected teachers from around the world to provide the best prolotherapy training available.

In our service work, we partner with local communities and medical personnel in Honduras and Mexico to provide prolotherapy training, and treatment for patients with chronic pain in underserved communities. We also provide other medical services and support including vein care, ear-nose and throat surgery, dental care and material aid for hospitals, elderly homes, and elementary schools.


A world with less chronic pain and disability.


The purpose of the HHP Foundation is to support global education, training and service to treat chronic pain and relieve suffering.


Advocacy: As demonstrated by boldly advancing the appropriate use of prolotherapy on behalf of those affected by chronic pain.

Innovation: As demonstrated by our efforts to advance the academic and practical knowledge base of prolotherapy through procedural standardization and research with academic partners.

Collaboration: As demonstrated by collective, volunteer activities in pursuit of our teaching and service missions, partnerships with underserved communities and research collaboration.

Leadership: As demonstrated by our conduct of academically-based, service-oriented training of medical professionals in the conduct of prolotherapy in pursuit of a world with less chronic pain.

Integrity: As demonstrated by our dedication to not-for profit teaching, service and medical care.

Respect: As demonstrated by empathy for our students, service work partners, patients and the human condition, and uncompromised commitment to those affected by chronic pain.