Pre-Conference Workshop: Dextrose Perineural Therapy, October 20, 2020

Prolotherapy Research Symposium, October 21, 2020

Clinical Prolotherapy Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, October 22-24, 2020

Brochure above is from last year’s conference

The HHPF October Main Clinical Conference

Each October, HHPF’s expert faculty gather on the beautiful University of Wisconsin-Madison campus to offer instruction in basic and advanced techniques of prolotherapy. This 2 1/2-day clinical conference has a robust agenda, including lectures, anatomy review, hands-on palpation and marking workshops, demonstrations with a live model, and practice injections on cadavers with C-arm guidance. Discussions of prolotherapy indications and complications panel discussions of interesting cases enhance learning.

The clinical conference is preceded by a pre-conference workshop on peri-neural therapy, an injection technique related to traditional prolotherapy, and by a one-day Research Symposium. The Symposium brings together clinicians and researchers to network and better understand the evidence around prolotherapy and related injection therapies. Our goals are to share the information base behind our clinical work and stimulate further work among researchers and clinicians.

Who Can Participate?

The HHPF October peri-neural workshop, Research Symposium, and prolotherapy clinical conference are open to MDs, DOs, DPMs, NDs, DCs, PAs, NPs, and other clinicians with a current state or national license to perform injections. Conference participants interested in attending subsequent HHPF service-learning trips should be aware that the governments of Honduras and Mexico only allow MDs and DOs to perform injections in those countries. Therefore, professionals with other qualifications would not be allowed to perform prolotherapy or vein sclerotherapy on these trips.

After this CME-eligible conference, participants will be able to:

    • Recognize new clinical science research in injection therapy for musculoskeletal conditions including knee osteoarthritis, low back pain and tendinopathies
    • Review new clinical science research in injection therapy for musculoskeletal conditions
    • Recognize research being conducted in prolotherapy with suggestions for collaborating in research projects
    • Describe the anatomy of ligaments
    • Participate in C-arm guided cadaver injections
    • Illustrate complications, and ways to avoid complications, when treating patients with prolotherapy
    • Recognize the relationship of biotensegrity to MSK function
    • Relate new advances in the use of several injection solutions, including PRP and stem cells, for musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment
    • Explain advanced prolotherapy treatment protocols for the treatment of chronic pain

  • Identify ways to promote a prolotherapy practice and successfully submit billing documentation

Dextrose Perineural Injection Therapy for Lower Extremity Neuropathic Pain

This special one-day workshop is on Dextrose Perineural Injection for the treatment of chronic and acute pain that has been unresponsive to other therapies, including discussion on the evolving science behind dextrose neural effect , how PIT has revolutionized the approach to pain treatment worldwide, and pre- and post PIT care for optimum clinical outcome. The focus will be on palpation and landmark guided subcutaneous and deep perineural injections of the lower extremities. There will also be time for ultrasound guided nerve hydro-dissection demonstration for deeper nerves.
Course director Liza Maniquis-Smigel, MD, practices in Hawaii and is Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and of the American Board of Regenerative Medicine.

Additional Educational Materials