January 2017

The HHPF hosted our 10th annual service learning project to Guadalajara, Mexico, in collaboration with HHPF member David de la Mora, MD, and the Palabra de Vida church volunteers. In addition to providing teaching for intermediate and advanced prolotherapists, HHPF board member Annette Zaharoff, MD, and HHPF instructors continued their work on our project to standardize prolotherapy injection techniques.


March 2017

The HHPF held our 49th service learning prolotherapy trip in Honduras. Twenty-one instructors and 32 learners at clinics in La Ceiba, Tela, and Olanchito treated over 1,500 patients during the two-week project. In addition, the HHPF vein treatment group treated 1,000 patients, and the ENT group performed 30 surgical procedures and did audiograms on over 200 patients during their weeklong service projects.




June 2017

David Rabago, MD, HHPF President, spoke on prolotherapy for knee osteoarthritis at the annual conference of The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI), an international medical gathering focused on regenerative medicine teaching, tools and research, in Las Vegas, NV.




Annette Zaharoff, MD, HHPF Board of Directors, was a prolotherapy instructor at a weeklong conference and treatment clinic in Crete, Greece, along with Carl Osborn, DO,  Steven Cavallino, MD, and Susan Lanza, MD.